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Autoxify is the most unique TRON (TRX) Based Smart Contract program where we can all earn a passive income daily without getting stuck like on other smart contracts. Autoxify has a 100% unique code and a completely new concept in crowdfunding programs worldwide. This logic in Autoxify has not been used before elsewhere. It does not matter whether you join today or next year, it will work like that forever.

Autoxify smart contract is the first to be designed with people in mind. The contract is progressive and offers a unique logic that makes making profit easy.

The fully automated earning system backed by code that cannot be modified in any way possible. The future is going to be automated as Autoxify is already planning towards that automating profits on the fly.

All these means that the rules directing distribution of peer-to-peer earning will continue forever, as long as there is internet. Welcome to a brand new world.

What Makes AUTOXIFY Better Than Other Smart Contracts?

1) Low Cost To Start

Just 400 TRX to join and start earning automatic profits for life.

2) Auto Referral

This gives all members downlines to build their own team without referring or inviting a single person. Of course, you can refer other people to increase your earnings even more.

3) Referral Activator

It is a new concept that will give you 3 referrals into your team after 3 days of joining.

4) Automatic Upgrade

This feature helps you to automatically upgrade from one slot to the next slot.

5) Unlimited Income

With reinvest present on all levels and some referral effort there is no limit to how much you can earn with Autoxify.

Its a brand new world now. Let’s embrace this ground breaking uniqueness and accumulate TRON and automate our profits.

Reasons Why You Should Have TRON This Year

  • TRON is a Blockchain-based decentralized Cryptocurrency owned by Justin Sun, launched on the 13th of September 2017.
  • In 2019 Tron bought Bittorent which have over 100 million users globally and at one point accounted for 30% of all internet traffic worldwide.
  • Tron also acquired the famous blockchain social media company Steemit.
  • In 2019 Tron partnered with Samsung to have its Apps and DApps on all of their new mobile phones.
  • Tron has partnered with Obike in Singapore and has helped them create their native token Okoin and accepts it as payment.
  • Tron blockchain is 80 times faster than Ethereum and 667 times faster than Bitcoin blockchain. It is over 20 times cheaper in transaction fees than both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You register with 400 TRX. First X3 and X4 slots costs 80 TRX each. The remaining 240 TRX you pay for the referral activator (which is equivalent to 3 other accounts for you in the X3 matrix which will be put in reserve and then placed in the global matrix 3 days after your registration). So on the 3rd day following your registration, not only you but all the other people registered on the same day as you, you will receive three new accounts each in the line X3 matrix. So you and the members registered on the same day as you, will see that your first account in the X3 matrix will receive 3 downlines. These are real accounts that the referral activator creates for all of you. Then if you were 50 members on day 1, on day 3 the system will create (with your 240 TRX each) 3×50=150 new accounts in X3. So all of you (50) will get 3 referrals. The fact that the same process shall apply to all members ( which join the day after you and the next day and the day after… till infinity) your 4 accounts in X3 will upgrade automatically to higher slots. 

The X3 is a global matrix with global spillovers and overflows. The auto referral gives all members partners which fills slots from level 1 to level 20. Here the matrix if filled global as your direct referrals do not go under you. For your effort and reward as the referrer you get referral bonus on every slot/level, all 20 levels.

The X4 is the team build matrix where you earn collectively as a team. The X4 is the power house of the Autoxify system because it is the activities of team members on X4 that feeds and grows the X3. Also you earn good on X4 if you refer members into the Autoxify system. Note that your X3 cannot work and profit you if the X4 structure is not there. The X3 is the fire while the X4 is the fuel.

Referral Activator is the new concept introduced by the Autoxify team that holds and activate additional 3 entry positions for you on the fly. This is done 3 days after registration. So even after a year and you register you know that there is backup referral waiting for you that will all go under you, making you upgrade faster. This works 100% without fail because it’s coded inside the smart contract. This means that there is 300% more users waiting every day into infinite.  

When the system gives you 3 directs, the first 2 will be used to buy the SLOT 2 for you and the 3rd will allow you to reinvest in SLOT 1. Now the system will give 3 directs each to your 3 directs as well. This will allow your 3 directs to also buy the Slots 2 and to reinvest in the SLOT 1. The fact that they will reinvest in SLOT 1 (the first 2 downlines) you will receive money directly in your wallet because you no longer have to buy the SLOT 2. The reinvest of the third direct will allow you to reinvest again in the SLOT 1. The operation will be repeated several times in the SLOT 1. It is the same process which will be done in the SLOT 2 as well as the other SLOTS until Slot 20. 

Autoxify’s auto upgrade feature allows you to upgrade from slot to slot without lifting a finger! This is only on the X3, the X4 is manual as you need to monitor your matrix or lose profits if any of your downlines overtake you.

HOW TO JOIN AUTOXIFY (Read All The Steps Carefully)

For paying your Registration fee you need a Wallet. A wallet is where all of your earned commissions will be accumulated.

To Register AUTOXIFY On PC Follow The Steps Below   


(Remember: You must register with correct referral ID. Otherwise you will not earn spillover commissions.)

2) Install Tronlink Wallet for PC.

Follow the steps bellow to install Tronlink wallet on PC – 

i) Visit – Tronlink Wallet for PC by Clicking HERE (Only for Chrome Browser)

ii) Add TronLink to your Chrome browser. Follow the steps given in the image below:STEP 1


STEP 3 & 4

STEP 5, 6 & 7

For more information on How to Add Trons to your Wallet scroll down the page.

3) After adding Trons to your wallet go to Autoxify Registration page by clicking on this INVITATION LINK –

4) Complete the registration process.

To Register AUTOXIFY On MOBILE Follow The Steps Below     
(Remember: You must register with correct referral ID. Otherwise you will not earn spillover commissions.)
2) Download & Install Tron Wallet from Play store – Tron Wallet: Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet

3) Open your Tron Wallet app & follow the instructions shown in the image below –

4) Complete the registration process.

How To Add TRONS (TRX) To Your Tron Wallet?

If you already have any other cryptocurrency wallet you can swap your already stored currency for Trons and then transfer it directly to any one of your above preferred Tron Wallet (PC or Mobile).

And for those who do not already have any other cryptocurrency wallet, they can use BINANCE cryptocurrency exchange company for funding any of the above preferred Tron wallet (PC or Mobile).

How To Add Trons (TRX) to Your TRON Wallet through BINANCE on PC

1. CLICK HERE – This will take you to Binance registration page. (For US members Click Here)

2. Create an account with correct details and login.

3. Now you need to verify your account before you could add funds. After submitting your ID proof it will take a few minutes to verify your account. Follow the steps shown in the image below.

4. After verification is complete you can now add funds. Follow the steps as shown in the image below.

5. After adding funds you now need to get this currency converted to TRON. To convert follow the steps shown in the image below.

NOTE: The above example is shown for USDT to Tron exchange. If you have bought any other currency other than USDT then you need to Trade Tron against that currency.

6. It is recommended that you buy at least 450 Trons (TRX) for registration plus fees.

7. After buying Trons (TRX) you need to send this amount from BINANCE Wallet to your TRON Wallet that you already downloaded and installed (PC or Mobile version). Follow the steps below to send Trons to your Tron Wallet –

8. Now you need to enter your Tron Wallet TRX Address in the Recipent’s TRX Address bar as shown below – (You can either use Tron Wallet Address for Mobile or Tronlink Wallet Address for PC whichever wallet you wish to register with)

How To Add Trons (TRX) to Your TRON Wallet through BINANCE on Mobile

1) CLICK HERE to download the BINANCE app on your Mobile from Play store. (Referral ID – 47197463)

2) Register an account. After login follow the steps shown in the images below –

How To Add Trons (TRX) to Your TRON Wallet through WazirX (Only for INDIAN Members)

1) Go to WazirX homepage by clicking HERE

2) Click on the SIGN UP button.

3) Verify your WazirX account by completing the KYC details. After submitting all the correct documents verification should be completed within few minutes. Sometimes it may take a little longer.

4) After completing verification you can now add funds to your WazirX account. Follow the steps below –

5) Select Instant Deposit method for depositing funds.

6) You can either select Bank account deposit or UPI method. For Bank account transfer you need to first add your Bank account details in WazirX and then send money to the WazirX bank account which is specific to your WazirX account. 

7) After adding funds (INR) you can now buy Trons (TRX). Follow the steps below – 

8) After buying Trons (TRX) on WazirX you can now send these Trons to your TRON Wallet. Follow the steps below –

For more info Contact on WhatsApp – (WHATSAPP | TELEGRAM)